November is known as National Adoption month. Why do we need a special month for adoption? This focus is needed because many people simply don't know how many kids are waiting for adoption. As the saying goes, "if something is out of sight, it is out of mind."

In April of this year, the Arkansas Department of Human Services released their statistics for the 2015 fiscal year. it showed that there were 586 children ready for adoption. This is up approximately 30 percent from fiscal year 2012.

586 children are ready for adoption. Can you believe that? 586 is more than a number on a government chart. That number represents real people waiting for something that we probably take for granted - a family.

The State has created a webpage where you can look at the children that are waiting to be adopted. It is called the Arkansas Heart Gallery and it can be found at

Take a minute and look at these kids. If you are not ready to adopt, maybe you know someone that is considering it. Point them to the Arkansas Heart Gallery.